Things I'm cooking while I'm not at work cooking.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some more stuff I"ve been cooking up lately....
Oven roasted vegetable tahbouli with pan fried shrimp and blood orange balsamic glaze!

I saw this recipe in a 4 ingredient cookbook, it called for 1 egg, one potato, some cheese, and some butter.

I added some arugala and some Jimmy Dean sausage!

Here are some onion slices that I dried, before I made my own spice mixes to give out at Christmas time, I thought they made pretty dried onion roses. By the way if you can dry your own onions I highly recomend it, same goes for lemon zest (I made my own lemon pepper, which was to die for...on cottage cheese, and salmon, and tomatoes, and just about everything!)

I love hollandaise...I often make it on a whim...butter butter butter, oh how I love thee!