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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures of Dinners Past....

I was going for a simple dish here to work on my buerre blanc skills. So I cooked up some rice, and pan fried a couple chicken breasts with salt and pepper. The buerre blanc was the fun part. I through some rough chopped shallots and garlic cloves in pan with a cup of white wine and reduced it by half, then I added about a half cup of heavy cream and reduced that some more. When that was done, I removed the pan from the heat, and whisked in a half a pound of butter (cut into cubes). My buerre blanc was silky and smooth and delish as it was at that point, but I wanted I got out my stick blender and emulsified a whole handful of basil and one bunch of chopped green onions...

Moving right along. A couple of nights later I made Ina Gartens Mexican Chicken Soup. My husband and I were watching her show one afternoon and, well, I just had to make this. So I went to , and found the !

I got home from work and got right back to cooking. Al (my husband) had started the chicken for me, since I had to work a little later than usual. Everything came together quickly, and within an hour we were enjoying a hearty and delicious soup. I would highly recommend this recipe to anyone. It was easy to make, and I am pretty sure the whole family would love it.

chow for now!


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