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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tonight On the Menu

Crab Cakes


Pineapple Scallion Rice

drizzled with

Patron Silver Tequila Lime Dressing

My first official fancy dinner, pre culinary school was delicious. I do love to make crab cakes, and they are so very easy. Preparation was so effortless and quick that I did the dishes, put together the sofa end tables, and watched a little cable before my guest of honor arrived.

Instead of using bread crumbs I substituted Japanese panko crumbs. I know this may not be so terribly gourmet, but the end product was lighter, and had a crunchier texture. Next time I will add crushed pineapple to the crabcake mixture. I think that's what will make them truly unforgettable.

I do believe my presentation skills will improve greatly once I have taken that class. For now I have to rely on the oversized plates I hand painted six years ago. I wanted to stack everything in tower of sorts, but then I thought perhaps I should have gotten frissee, or endive, instead of the mystery roughage pictured here.

Here they are. My browning beauties. Tanning nicely in the broiling Florida oven. Oh how I already miss my gas stove in Astoria, but soon enough I will be basking in the fiery glow of culinary school glory, and all that Le Cordon Bleu Orlando has to offer... I am so excited.

Dinner was served, and scarffed down in a matter of minutes. I of course was thinking of little things here and there that would make it all so so much better, I am my worst critic, well except for that food critic guy in Denver, who used the Exxon Valdez oil catasrophe, and the Dead Sea to describe a couple of items on the menu of a restaurant I used to work at. He was a fool. But a talented word smith of a fool none the less.

Well that's all folks. Time to enjoy some wine, and think about tomorrows menu. Ciao!


Blogger Clay said...

I tried these, they were great, although a bit crunchy. Oh, should I have removed the shells?

Wed Jul 19, 01:40:00 PM 2006


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