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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Florida is sunny and wonderful, with lots of gecko's. My new kitchen is teeny tiny, but it is a small sacrifice for washer and dryer right in the apartment. School starts on the 21st of August, but I will be plenty busy getting funds together, and my uniform fitted. I miss New York, but I saw the most spectacular sunset last night, and there are 3 palm trees outside the bedroom window. More to come, pictures too.....


Blogger blogbuni said...

Cozy kitchen you got going there for you both. Just the right size for a nummy gecko dish. Have you aquired any tasty recipes for the slinky little critters yet. I'm sure those native southern neighbors you are living near have some tasty creations just waiting for you to put your spin on them!!
I see Gecko Greatness in your futures.
More pictures please!

Sat Jul 08, 04:04:00 PM 2006


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